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About us

Van Meerten Boomkwekerijen BV is a well-known name in the avenue tree center Opheusden. With 55 acres and 12 employees, we are among the larger tree nurseries. The clay soil is very fertile in Opheusden, which means that we can grow healthy and strong trees.

The passion for growing
a beautiful tree is in our blood

Ruth van Meerten started in 1975 with growing whips. The knowledge about the profession, he received from his father and uncles, who were nurserymen too. Meanwhile, we have become a true family business with five family members and five permanent employees. By the passion, pure craftsmanship and the energy that we put in our trees, we can truly say that we have first-class trees with uniform quality. Beautiful round crowns, same stem height (220 cm) and straight - these are features of our trees. The products we grow are whips, twice transplanted trees in sizes 6-8 to 12-14, three times transplanted trees in the size 12-14 to 25-30, shaped trees like roofed, pleached or cube, fruit trees, shrubs, multi-stemmed trees, both in the ground as container grown.

Because of the short lines within our company, we can deliver quickly and correctly. We have our own harvesting and root ball machines, which means that we can prepare an order on the short term and additional orders are no problem. The large network that we have in the avenue tree center Opheusden, means that we can complete your orders easily. The first years we did especially domestic trade, soon we started exporting to other European countries - now 75% of our trees are exported. Due to the temperate climate in the Netherlands, our trees grow all over Europe, from the cold north to warm southern countries.

46+ Years of experience
275+ Different species
100% Quality